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Published by Berkley Prime Crime

     Texas transplant Darla Pettistone inherited a Brooklyn brownstone from her late great-aunt, complete with a quirky independent bookstore known as Pettistone's Fine Books. What Darla didn't expect was that she'd also be the new caretaker of Hamlet, a big black cat with a cat-itude to match. But Darla soon finds that she and the ornery feline make a purr-fectly paw-some sleuthing team. Because, when it comes to solving murders, Hamlet won't rest until he collars the guilty party!

"Hamlet is a winner, and so is his owner. "

~Library Journal

"Those who like clever animals but draw the line at talking cats will feel right at home. "

~Publishers Weekly

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Hey, Ali! Why isn't there a NEW Black Cat Bookshop Mystery on the shelf??

(This is the short answer...Go HERE​ for a detailed explanation.)

Hamlet and I have been getting that question a lot since TWICE TOLD TAIL came out in 2016. The answer is pretty straightforward. Even though Hamlet had lots of readers eager for more of his adventures, our publisher, Berkley Prime Crime, elected not to renew our contract for additional books. So, unfortunately, Hamlet has retired from solving mysteries, at least for the foreseeable future. But he's still on Facebook mentoring a new generation of sleuthing black cats. You can find him there making his usual snarky comments. 

Overview of the Black Cat Bookshop Mystery series...


Darla is thrilled when a popular YA author holds an autographing at Pettistone's Fine Books. But disaster strikes mid-signing when the writer falls victim to a tragic accident that Hamlet is paws-itive is actually murder. 



The under-construction brownstone of Darla's customer, a building "flipper", has been hit by unknown thieves. Then the man's business partner is found dead, with Hamlet the only witness to what might just be murder. 



Darla and her new clerk, Robert, are taking self-defense classes at the local dojo. But when they discover their sensei hanged, Hamlet leaps into action to help prove that the supposed suicide was actually murder.



Darla and Hamlet gain internet fame when a video of them doing karate together goes viral, earning them an invitation to a Florida cat show. But the Sunshine State proves less than sunny when Hamlet is catnapped, and unpleasant cat breeder turns up murdered.



Darla decides that a 4th of July block party is just the thing to give the bookstore a financial boost. But in the midst of the celebration, Hamlet discovers a local shopkeeper dead. When a second business owner meets a similar fate, the clever feline sets off on the trail of the killer.



Darla is less-than-pleased when Det. Reese’s fiancée impulsively decides that Darla should help with the wedding planning. At the same time, an online buyer seems oddly willing to overpay for a collectible book. To top it off, Hamlet seems concerned about a stranger who might be lurking outside the brownstone at night. But when someone close to Darla is cruelly murdered, it’s up to Hamlet and Darla to paw through the evidence and learn who is responsible for these wedding bell blues.

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