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Other Fiction by Diane A.S. Stuckart

Diane at Bouchercon, Cleveland OH (reception at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame)

Photo by Gerard R. Stuckart

Between the time she quit writing historical romances and later embarked on penning mysteries, Diane wrote eight short stories for various themed anthologies. The tales run the gamut from Western to Fantasy, with settings both historical and contemporary. They feature characters as diverse as house "flippers" and kid wizards and talking rats. But all have in common a problem to be solved, and a protagonist who must find the means--or the gumption--to uncover a solution.



With the advent of e-publishing, Diane decided to compile all her short stories into a single anthology, WHO'S BEHIND THE DOOR? and give these tales a new lease on life. In addition, each short story is introduced by her with a little "behind the scenes" look at why or how she came to write it. She hopes you will enjoy this alternate bit of fiction from her.

And, you might be interested to know that Diane has tip-toed back into romance writing with bit of recent short fiction. Her stories, TAKING THE CAKE and A BUCK FOR LUCK have appeared in HEART'S KISS romance publication, available in print and online.


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