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Historical Romance by Diane A.S. Stuckart

Diane began her publishing career in the 1990s writing critically acclaimed historical romance. She was one of the debut authors for Pinnacle Books' "Denise Little Presents" line, writing as Alexa Smart. When that line folded, she wrote a final book under the Zebra imprint as Anna Gerard. Though sensuous, her books were also heavy on the action and adventure, and the stories usually had a dead body or two lying about. Little wonder that she made the switch to the mystery genre many years later!

Here's a vintage Alexa pic... photo by Glamour Shots!

With the popularity of E-publishing, Diane has reissued a few of her vintage historical romances as Kindle e-books under the Diane A.S. Stuckart name. Click on the book covers below for more information and for links to buy.

     Why did I call myself "Alexa Smart" instead of using my real name when I wrote romance?


I get that question a lot, and the answer is that Alexa Smart IS my real name -- middle name and pre-married surname. When I first started writing historical romance, I wanted something on my book covers with a bit more flair, which is why I opted to go with that version of my name. Anna Gerard was a one-shot pseudonym when I wrote for Zebra -- a variation on DiANE and my husband's first name.


But then Anna made a return appearance with the Georgia B&B Mystery series. And you probably know that I'm also Ali (short for Alexa) Brandon (just because) for my Black Cat Bookshop mysteries. And Diane A.S. Stuckart writes the Tarot Cats Mystery series from Midnight Ink, and any short fiction. Whew, a bit confusing, I know -- but that's the writing biz! 

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